Want the Internet to work for you?

I provide 💻  +⚡ +  🚀  services to businesses 💈 who need an 🛠  Internet Engineer to get things done⏳ now.


Skip The Long...Drawn Out Hassle

Sites don’t have to take weeks or even months to complete.

When communication is face-to-face, websites can be built at lighting speeds. Other agencies will charge $1,000’s, sometimes $10,000’s for the same amount of work (sometimes less). The worst part is... everything is always kind'of hidden.

Internet Solutions In 1-3 Days

Code is live, design is instant and everything is transparent. 

We start early in the morning (between 8:00/9:00) with a 10-40 minute conversation finalizing the days objectives. Soon after the work begins: spinning up site, prepping mockups resources, asking for feedback right away. You stay in control - I build.

Have a question?

On Demand “Internet Designer/DeveloperAnywhere In The Bay Area

Pick The Perfect Service For The Job

Do you have a small site with just 3-10 pages? We can probably get everything done in 1 day. If it needs a little extra work... No problem I'll do it free of charge in the next 24-48 hours.

More advanced features in mind: contact forms, email integration, starting a Adwords/Facebook campaign, regularly publishing  articles/blogs? With the right preparation and focus we can complete everything in 2 days.

Want to supercharge a business a new site, marketing campaigns/research, third-party analytics integration, advanced call tracking, customer relationship management systems? 3 days is enough time to design a site, integrate business automatization technologies and provide 1-on-1 training and screencasts.

Get Things Done

Why waste time and $1,000's with an agency? I come to you (in real life), we solve problems, things get done - it's that simple.

Half Day | $450 + Travel Costs

I provide a money back guarantee for all first time customers. If expectations aren't met on Day 1 a 100% Money Back Guarantee is available.


How I Can Help You

You probably have a lot of questions right now... How can the Internet help your business grow? What's the fastest and most cost effective methods for generating results right now?  Where are the best locations for online marketing?


Understanding The Big Picture



I can help you understand how the "Internet" works.

What the best content management system? How do third-party marketing services integrate with a site? Are Photoshop mockups necessary in this stage? Where are the tools for understanding keyword/search terms for marketing research?

Together we'll answer all the important questions as it relates to the business. Whether you have a small budget focused on delivering quality content or a decent sized marketing budget for instant traffic, we'll find the perfect combination of solutions just for you.


Complicated Made Easy

I help businesses understand and utilize modern Internet technology.

You probably know the Internet can help businesses, but you're just not quite sure how?

The Internet consists of 1,000's of little pieces. 

I help translate all the important parts: HTML, Javascript, Content Management System, Code Versioning, Package Management, Third-Party API's, User Interface Mockups, Business Infrastructure, Software As A Service... into meaningful solutions for small-medium sized businesses

You never have to worry about how it works (unless of course you want to know) and can be confident the solutions will simply work.


Rapid Building & Prototypes

Seamless transitions between idea, prototype and launch.

Seeing is believing: Photoshop mockups, live sketches, code prototypes and other build tools are all incorporated to quickly translate ideas into tangible digital assets.

You can watch the design/development live as it happens, checkin every hour or just come back at the end of the day when everything is complete.

Instead of dealing with a small team of project manager, designers and developers you get a Internet Wizard help to rapidly build everything in a condensed amount of time.


Data + Content Management System

Let's Use The Right "Business" CMS - Not The Agency/Developer Preferred System

Manage content, images and other resources with an easy-to-use Content Management System. Plus enhanced features like user login, commerce and analytics.

Properly managing brand, project and and resources files is important for long-term maintainability. Keep moving full-speed ahead with a properly organized project.

The best user experience relies on fast-loading files, images and video. Maintain lighting fast load-times with minified assets and properly configured servers.


The Right Tool
For The Job

Have an existing site?

Sometimes the CMS has already been chosen. I happily work with all major Content Management Systems: SquareSpace, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix, etc...

Code is code. We'll solve all the HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP challenges regardless of the environment or software.

Building a brand new site?

I oftentimes recommend SquareSpace, Drupal or Wordpress depending on the site complexity, long-term goals and business budget.

Each system has its owns pros/cons.

For example the time it takes to launch on each platform varies wildly, plus there is other important things to think about like recurring server/software costs, technology ownership and other on-going maintenance costs.

4 Powerful Solutions


Managed Hosting + Software

Quickly and affordably launch a responsive site using SquareSpace's intuitive drag-and-drop Widget interface. 

Plus, you can easily integrate advanced features using third-party services like Wufoo, Memberpace, Formstack, Gumroad, etc...



Open Source & Extendable

A widely supported and easily extendable content management with a theme, plugin and library ecosystem.

Jack of all trades, master of none, get's the job done - Wordpress doesn't excel at any particular feature, but can be easily persuaded to perform new tricks. 



Free Static Hosting

Host static sites on GitHub absolutely free of charge. Perfect for business who only need a couple of pages, which rarely change or need updating.

We download 1 of the 1,000's of Static Site Templates, add the new content and press upload. Free hosting for life with an unlimited number of pages.

drupal 8 logo isolated CMYK 72.png


Advanced Web Applications

With widely adopted standards, best-practices and robust infrastructure, Drupal is perfect for building the foundation for modern web applications.

Deploying a Drupal application requires special attention to package management, server configurations, caching and other on-going maintenance tasks.



Finding An Audience

Connect With Customers via Search, Social Media or Professional Networks

People use search engines to find product and services. Crafting valuable content for high-value search terms provides long-term growth. Maintain client attention with the latest offers, special promotions and other relevant information.

Simply put, start showing up in the right places at the right times... like when people are searching directly in Google for sales driven search terms or just stumbled across a product on Instagram.


Google Adwords

Bid on competitive advertisement placement in Google's high-value search result listings.

Want to immediately start driving targeted traffic directly to a service or product based business website? Pay-Per-Click Ads on Google's search results for specific search terms and locations is guaranteed to drive traffic.


Facebook Business


Building online relationships with customers via Facebook and Instagram Advertisements

It's all about creating worthwhile and valuable content, while still incorporating pragmatism and cookie-cutter formulas to keyword and search term density - both an art and science.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 2.33.01 PM.png

LinkedIn Marketing

Connect business-to-business or with other professionals using LinkedIn's large network of companies and professionals.


Business Infrastructure 

Run A Business Like It's The 21st Century

Utilize the power of the Internet by integrating powerful third-party software as a service: full-featured online forms, private member logins and more.

Take control of business operations and analytics with professional data management and storage.

Whether it's an organized Excel spreadsheet or high-concurrency SQL backend, technology should just work.


Want to start using modern business management software?

Whether it's as simple $5/month Google Business account to manage email, calendar, cloud storage, shared documents or more advanced systems like a customer relationship management system to handle day-to-day communications I have your back.

Cloud Storage &

Manage everyday business files, documents and other essentials using easily-shared cloud storage systems like Google My Business.


Customer Management

Handle everyday's incoming and  outgoing communications with powerful customer relationship management systems.


Payment Processing

Get paid on time. Integrate debit/credit card processing easily with Stripe's advanced integration systems.


Connect Major
Site API's

Integrate major Internet software capabilities into a homespun solution using Zapier as a data funneling system.


Email Marketing

Send both marketing and transactional emails to handle important things like weekly newsletter and password resets using the trusted MailChimp.


Call Tracking

Record, track and help customers navigate call systems easily with CallRail. Instantly create 10's of new numbers to test easily test marketing campaigns


Custom Solutions

Want to manage or display unique business data with a custom solution? Node, React, Electron and other Javascript libraries make this possible. 


Design/Development Sessions

I can help you answer the tough questions - call me right now for an over the phone consultation


What makes me different from every
other web design/development agency?

1. Money Back Guarantee

If I don't meet absolutely every expectation on the 1st day of working together you don't have to pay a dime. Getting started is absolutely no risk to you.

My first priority is to build a relationship based of tangible value and trust. Money can be figured out later.

I'm 100% confident the value of long-term relationship with a digitally fluent Fullstack Engineer, will be self-evident, so I don't ask for a down payment before work begins.

2. Work In-Person

Email and phones are overrated. The best, most productive work is completed side-by-side.

I can ask questions about the business. You can make important decisions quickly.  It's a productive day of building, testing ideas and formulating real-time strategies.

My goal is to help you leverage the Internet effectively, which ironically enough requires quality face-to-face conversations.

3. Fullstack Generalist

When working together you never have to worry about technology limiting creativity and ideas. As a "Fullstack Designer/Developer" there won't be any major roadblocks in terms of tooling or execution.

  1. Design & User Interface
  2. Copyedit & Keyword Research
  3. Coding & Server Administration

Each major vertical of a site is dealt with at the same time. Eliminating unnecessary delays or miscommunication along the way.

Passionate Builder of The Internet

Starting at the age of 15 I had begun crafting the "Internet" through Open Source Content Management Systems like Joomla and Drupal.

At first, I simply built websites for myself, so I could promote products via affiliate links, using content marketing and pay-per-click advertising strategies. As time progressed it was necessary for me to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP, so I would be able to design better looking websites and integrate more advanced features.

Eventually, I started building websites for local businesses and government agencies, using the skills I had developed as an Online Marketer. Ultimately this meant I was able to build great looking websites, while also guiding clients on the nuances of search engine optimization.

As time went on my passion for interface design, programming, and system administration continued to cultivate, while the thrill involved with crafting responsive websites, building powerful backend systems and launching effective online marketing techniques grew with it.

For this reason I consider myself a Internet Engineer, because I don't simply design professional mockups, write semantic code or launch practical online marketing campaigns... I build engaging online experiences, solve unique challenges and provide real-world value for the clients I work with on a day-to-day basis.




Professional 💻 +⚡+ 🚀 For Modern Businesses


Tell me what you have in mind.
I'll respond with a detailed project outline, answering every
question and concern, plus include insights and new ideas.

What are you waiting for? Let's build the perfect site together.


What type of project do you have in mind?

  • Site Redesign for an existing business looking to upgrade.
  • Internet Business Infrastructure: business/newsletter email, shared cloud storage, customer management systems, etc...
  • Online marketing using Google Adwords and Facebook Open Graph for location based services/products.
  • Design/Marketing via brochures, packaging, advertisements, business cards, and more.

Maybe you aren't sure about what you need and that's not a problem either. Just best describe the situation and I'll provide my opinion (free of charge) about a good course of action.

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